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Tips & Hints
You can upload pictures onto your profile page ... a main picture and lots of other pictues..Always put up a picture of your-self as a main picture

How It Works Here
IRCProfiles is a social networking service started in 2003. It is run by volunteers from around the world. We don't charge money, we don't have advertising on the site, we don't share your information with anyone. Volunteers are always welcome to apply to join the effort, so if you have skills, let us know. 

IRCProfiles was created back in 2003
We are happy to provide a really free social networking site for the people from IRC, from whom we have taken so much :) 

Warning - Online Privacy
Given the current climate it's best to presume there isn't any privacy. We have given up using SSL, as we don't want to give you the impression that what you do here is somehow safe and hidden. The NSA, and GCHQ are making damn sure nothing is ever private, and I don't have the resources or technical know how to combat them. You win this round Big Brother :(

If you don't want it to be public, don't put it on the web. Simple as. 

Lots of Pictures
It's all about the pic! Upload as many as you like, share them out, make photo albums. We all love the pics. To put up your picture Login and choose "Edit My Pictures". Any 'unsuitable' pics, and we delete your profile, and give your fridge a virus, and we'll tell Santa who will put u on the naughty list. 

You Tube and Google Videos
You can add You Tube and Google Videos to your profile now. Log in, click "Edit Profile" from the menu at the top and choose My Videos from the list. You can add a URL address or copy the Embed code over from the video site. 

Comments are go ..
With Comments you can type a little text that will appear on that members profile page, or paste in HTML or Embed code from which ever crazy site you like ... Glitter Text away to your hearts content ppl - you only have taste to hold you back. 

Choose a Language (Beta!)

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